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"We believe there will be a need for 500 fulfillment centers in the next 2 years..."

A short message from Jim Cockrum -


Are You Ready to

  • Be a Certified Provider to the Proven Amazon Course Community

  • Fulfill a Critical Need for US and International Sellers

  • Invest in a Significant Opportunity to Partner Financially with Existing or New Fulfillment Centers

  • Create Multiple Streams of Income Based around Fulfillment Services

The ecommerce business model changes quickly and being successful requires you to anticipate those changes. It has become apparent over the last year that a huge opportunity exists to provide fulfillment services to ecommerce sellers. After years of expanding opportunities for 3rd party sellers Amazon is now aggressively pushing back. We are seeing dramatically rising prices and restrictions across the storage and multi-channel fulfillment products offered by Amazon. Many of us believe that it is likely that Amazon will continue to restrict these products if not outright drop them in the future.


Even if we ignore Amazon's actions it is a certainty that our sellers are evolving beyond basic ship and sell strategies exclusive to Amazon. They are searching for a powerful mix of multi-channel fulfillment opportunities. Specifically they are looking to outsource the labor and cost involved with receiving, prepping and fulfilling products across multiple platforms.

During several recent conversations with Jim Cockrum we have discussed at length how critical this need is. In his usual straightforward fashion Jim believes we need hundreds of fulfillment centers to handle the demand we anticipate. With this demand coupled directly with the needs of the large PAC community we know there is a significant business opportunity for multiple companies. Our fulfillment solution will be a primary component in the Proven Amazon Course Community. This is the first opportunity for you to be part of our PAC trained fulfillment centers.


At this time we believe our operation at MyFulfillmentTeam, MFT, is the only one touch solution directly integrated into the Amazon API. Using the MFT system clients only need to enter their product orders and all receiving and prep work is completed automatically. Product headed directly to Amazon FBA warehouses ships using the new box content protocols with no additional effort from the seller. Additional designated inventory is held at the MFT warehouses and is available for future Amazon FBA shipments or 3rd party platform fulfillment. Over the next year we will be adding direct fulfillment connections to a number of platforms like Shopify, eBay, Jet and others.


Our plan is to fulfill Jim's objective to dramatically expand the number of fulfillment centers across the US and into other countries. Our warehouse and fulfillment expertise and software systems are available to qualified parties. Utilizing our systems you will be able to launch a warehousing and fulfillment operation in a fraction of the time and cost it would otherwise require.


Initial Requirements:


  • Access to warehouse space

    • Suggested Minimum 10,000 square feet

  • Access to labor

  • Initial capital and resources to integrate our software, training and supplies

    • Startup Fee $20,000 ​


We expect that a number of parties will be interested in this opportunity. Some of them will only have capital or have warehouse/labor resources but need capital. Contact us and we will help make partnerships happen.


If you are an entrepreneur type ready to take on a new challenge or someone who is already in the warehouse/fulfillment business and looking to expand we want to talk with you.


Please complete the form below and we will schedule a call to discuss.


Looking forward to working with you in a mutually successful venture,


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