As industry leaders since our founding, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing products to a myriad of industries worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality solutions that adhere to the highest standards.



David Hesser

David is a chronic entrepreneur with a consulting career that started in the 80's and continues today. Starting as a programmer for hire while still in high school he formed his first company in the late 80's while attending college. After completing his degree in electrical engineering and computer sciences he expanded that first company to provide technical services and network integrations across the US for almost 20 years.


With the advent of the Internet in the mid 90's he started supporting companies in their efforts to build, market and maintain ecommerce sites for selling their products and services. In the process he also launched many of them on eBay and when Amazon appeared he jumped on as an early adopter.


In partnership with his wife, Lisa, and others he has sold millions of dollars of product online. He understands the issues involved in the business of ecommerce. He has also spent many years coaching clients and providing business and ecommerce training throughout many local and online communities.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Being a ceaseless dreamer made Ricardo into the serial entrepreneur he is today. He sold his first software system in 1981 while in High School and continued while studying Computer Science at Santa Clara University and later Accounting and Business Administration at San Jose State University.

Seeing that NAFTA opened up access to great, inexpensive programming talent, in 1996, he started his third company, Eos Technology, in Guadalajara, Mexico and has been creating large software systems for companies such as AT & T, Disney, Pemex, Cemex ever since.

When he turned 50 he decided to start a new adventure and founded Sales Coach Guadalajara for the express purpose of teaching young entrepreneurs the number one skill they need and are hardly ever taught : selling. In 2014 he published his first book, “Sell or Die: Communicating Persuasively with you client”.


Today he divides his time between coaching, speaking throughout Mexico and managing the software team that creates the best eCommerce Solutions available.